Life has gotten in the way of posting a huge CONGRATS! to La Furia Roja.  There were urgent client projects and then a wedding to attend to — but I can’t neglect this historic moment for Spanish futbol.

The game was a thing of beauty — and the party did the boys justice.  It was a wild and raucous ride as we leaned anxiously toward the big screen — screeching at bad ref calls, screaming “GOL” only to find out there wasn’t one, and jumping around like crazed monkeys when Andres Iniesta struck gold.

There were party-ers from 6 countries, all intently watching the game and contributing food and wine to an all day (and long into the evening) celebration.  This is one of the best things about Spain.  Friends spending time together, enjoying great food and wine, and not hesitating to shove the patio table aside, crank up the music, and dance with the kids.

Sorry that you missed it. It was one helluva party.  So stick around, and we’ll share tips on how to celebrate anything from a World Cup victory to no-reason-at-all, Spanish style!