For more years than I care to count, I’ve had fantasies of a gorgeous stone oven, as the centerpiece of my future European-style outdoor kitchen. You know, those big brick jobs that make your house pale in comparison?

Wood fired oven

Well, I started pricing out a “real people” version many  years ago, and knew that even  that wouldn’t be something that I could ever justify (and I’ve bought some crazy things for my kitchen).

You can buy a helluva lot of pizza for $4,000.

But that didn’t stop me dreaming. Or looking. Or hoping that the “back to nature” crowd would take a liking to home baking and pizza making — thereby creating a market for wood-fired ovens.  Complete with a massive price drop.

Not a chance.

But then something magical happened. I can’t even remember what it was. A glimpse of an ad somewhere, an email. No idea. But there it was:

“Now YOU can own your own wood-fired oven for just $499!”

You’ve never seen fingers fly so fast across a keyboard.

Turned out it was an Indiegogo campaign (similar to Kickstarter) where you pay a discounted price to support someone developing a product, and you get some added perks in the bargain. Of course you have to wait til the product ships. In my case I had to wait several months. The successful campaign is over now, so if you’re tempted, you can find out more about the Uuni Pro here (no, I’m not trying to talk you into buying it and I don’t get any kind of commission, I’m just trying to help out my fellow cooking toy junkies).

And here she is!

First Try Uuni Pro Wood Fired Oven

Yeah, yeah, I know the Uuni Pro is a far cry from the fancy schmancy outdoor oven of my dreams, but hey, it can do everything the big boys can do. And we’ve started re-landscaping the backyard to include a stone table and enclosure, and a work surface. I’m already figuring out how big of a paella pan I can squeeze into the Uuni.

I couldn’t wait to give it a go, so I made homemade dough, sauce, and even used our own homemade Italian sausage. The next time, I’ll even use homemade mozzarella.  (Yes, I’m bragging, but you can do it too — it’s not that hard!)

The pizza was outstanding, even though I’m a complete rookie at using a wood-fired oven.  And I threw in some bread dough I had on hand, just as an experiment. Let’s just say I’ve got my work cut out for me in that department.

So here you go — a quick peek at the Uuni Pro in action. I can’t wait to try out Spanish Cocas (Spain’s answer to pizza) baked with the wood fire.  Coming soon!

Pizza in Uuni Pro

Uuni Pro pizza and red wine