OK, so I finally figured out that the one thing that’s been a consistent love of mine (well, besides my husband!) is food and wine.  But I’m no pro. I’ve taken a few cooking classes here and there, been shown the personal secrets of many a home chef in Spain, but I’m certainly not an Iron Chef contender.  Dangit.

And as for wine, I’ve sipped my fair share.  I know the difference between a cab and a pinot (a yellow car that drives you around New York versus something you yell at your new puppy).  Think about that last one.  But again — no expert.

I decided I’d do what I always do when faced with a challenge;  go learn it!  Much to my delight, I did a quick search for “sommelier” and found an excellent school right in my own back yard.   So I signed us up  (I didn’t have to twist my husband’s arm).  We started classes 2 weeks ago and we’re LOVING it!  We’re doing the introductory classes and then, if they don’t scare us off with talk of wine that has “hints of barnyard” we’ll keep going until we flunk the test or the money runs out,   whichever comes first.

Sweet and Sparklies

Sweet and Sparklies

I’ll share the adventure with you, and share some of what I learn. This week we start on food and wine pairing — yeah!  Although this blog will focus primarily on the food, wine, and culture of Spain, I figure if I’m going to do this, I should do it the best I can and at least be able to speak semi-intelligently about wine.  But don’t worry, “intelligent” does NOT mean “snooty.”

Hey! Maybe we can educate them a little bit about Spanish wines.  I’ve already stumped 3 sommeliers when I asked them if they knew about Fondillon.  Hah!  One point for me. I have to gloat a little.  I seriously doubt I’ll get another chance.