Politics is a subject that can get any Spaniard fired up.  So when the conversation starts to lull all you have to say is  “Boy, there sure are a lot of campaign activies since I got here.”  And you’re off to the races.  Even the quietest person in the room will soon be right in the middle of a raucous discussion.  Interestingly enough, though, it’s rarely a debate — they’re all on the same side for the most part — they just want to express themselves, and they do it with a fierce passion.

Last night on tv was a report about major demonstrations in all the bigger cities in Spain.  They showed live footage of thousands and thousands of people crammed into the main squares of each city.  I asked “What’s that about?”

“Oh! You’ll love this!  People are demonstrating against the current political system.  They want to basically throw out all the politicians and start all over — and have a ‘real democracy’.”  Then she burst out laughing and added “The courts said that people couldn’t demonstrate for that reason — and you can see how well THAT worked!

It’s impossible to be in Spain right now and not hear about politics every day.  It’s fascinating to watch the political process here, even on a very surface level.  One of my favorite parts (that people here HATE)  is the little cars rolling down the streets, plastered with political signs, and 2 big speakers periscoping out of the top of the car, blaring propaganda for this or that politician.  It feels like I’m in a different era altogether.

On tv talk shows, in bars, and in homes, the conversation eventually comes around to politics.

And one thing’s for sure;  no matter whether they’re conservative, liberal, or “green,” Spaniards WILL have their say!