There’s a new wine shop about 30 steps from the apartment where we stay in Dénia.  In the window is an attractive little plaque:

Open Sign

Abrimos cuando llegamos,

ceramos cuando nos vamos

y si vienes

y no estamos

es que no coincidimos.

I stopped in my tracks and laughed out loud, with people walking past me, wondering what the heck was so funny about a wine store. This is just so great about much of Spanish culture.  Although they are very hard working and industrious, they also value the simple things — the pleasures of everyday life — above their need for big houses and fancy cars and impressive job titles.

So what does that cute little plaque say?  To me, this pretty much sums up Spanish priorities.  NOT to be confused with laziness or lack of initiative!

We open when we get here

We close when we leave

And if you come and we’re not here…

Well, we didn’t catch each other.