Experience Spain like a Native

“Be a traveler – not a tourist.”

Visions of Spain


What if your next vacation gave you more than a t-shirt and some photos?

What if you could learn about the place you visit and come home to recreate incredible meals for your friends and family — or maybe learn a thing or two about how to shift your life toward more relaxing time to connect with others?

Spaniards are masters at living life to the max.

Spain is home to the largest number of festivals in the world. They find reasons to celebrate everything you can think of. With those festivals come neighborhood organizations — “peñas,” “filas,” and other tight-knit organizations where people spend hours during the year preparing for different festivals, organizing group dinners, working on fund raisers, and generally bonding together to form a tight-knit community.  And they manage to do it while working full-time jobs and juggling family responsibilities.

Three Ways to Travel

We want you to experience Spain first hand. So we’ve designed 3 different ways that we can help you make your trip a great experience:

  1. Join Salli Gutierrez on one of her regularly scheduled trips to Spain.  Salli is a good friend and one of our partners. She regularly hosts organized tours to Spain, around a particular theme, such as dance (she is a professional Flamenco dancer!), art, festivals, and other areas of interest.
  2. Let us help you create your own independent travel itinerary. For a reasonable fee, based on the type of trip you are planning, we’ll make recommendations, introduce you to our contacts in Spain, and create an itinerary just for you — and you’ll save money while having a wonderful experience.  You’ll book and travel on your own.
  3. Let Salli customize a trip for one, or for many.  She’ll organize a full itinerary, based on your interests, and one (or both of us) will accompany you and guide you around your dream trip to Spain.

Salli has been traveling multiple times a year to Spain for nearly 20 years, and I’ve lived part-time in Spain for 17 years. Between us we’ll share the best of Spain with you, so that you can bring a bit of the relaxed, connected Spanish lifestyle home.

Find out more about Salli as one of our partners, and also check out her website:  https://spain-connection.com/  or email us:

Salli:  Danzaetc [at] Yahoo.com

Denise:  Denise [at] SpanishSunday.com