ThermomixI feel like a kid at Christmas.  At the same time I’m a little  (OK,  a LOT) embarrassed at the indulgence of buying a stupid-expensive kitchen appliance.

The first time I saw the Thermomix, I was fairly rational.  “I have a food processor.  I have a mixer.  I have an oven. I don’t need to spend the baby’s milk money on yet-another-kitchen-gadget.”  So I put it out of my mind.

Then I saw it in another friends’ kitchen. And another. And another.

Now wait just a damn minute.  These guys are not “stuff” collectors.  They only buy things that are practical (for the most part).  You don’t see many Spaniards with garages-full of junk they paid for and never used.  So there must be something to this, right?

So I watched, and asked questions.  “Do you really use this, or does it just take up space?”  (The question is leading on purpose — Please Tell Me I Don’t Need This!)

“Oh, MY!  I couldn’t live without it!  I use it all the time — for EVERYTHING!”


Then the justifications started.  “Well, we spent $1,000 on a couch that we never sit on.  And there’s that scooter in the garage that cost $2,000 and we only ride it a handful of times a year.

And I’d use this all the time.”

I know, I know.  Why do I feel the need to justify?  I work hard.  I earned that money.  I can spend it however I want to.  But still, a kitchen machine that costs 10x what my stand mixer cost?  Really?  Can it be that good?

Well, as of yesterday, we’re going to find out.  I made myself feel better by saving the money little by little over several months.  And yesterday I took a big, deep breath, and filled out the order form, faxed it in, and had a UPS confirmation within an hour.  Wow!  These guys are GOOD!  So I’m takin’ that as a good sign.  This Thermomix thing was meant to be…