What Pisto should look like 

You know the jokes about men not reading directions and putting a bookcase together — only it comes out looking like a Rubik’s cube?  Well, I guess it’s time to break the myth that it’s only men.


The Thermomix arrived on Tuesday (instead of the anticipated Wednesday) and I was so excited I yanked it (gently) out of the box, rinsed off the pieces parts and set to work making dinner.  Red Thai Chicken Curry.  Despite a couple of necessary substitutions (you really think I can find galanga root at Safeway?) the curry came out really good.  Umm…. except I think you’re supposed to be able to recognize the chicken pieces, right?

Then I tried Pisto.  There are lots of different variations in Spain, but basically it’s Spanish Ratatouille.  Peppers, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and garlic.  You eat it on toasted bread, or spread it on sandwiches.  YUM!

So I grabbed all my farmer’s-market-fresh veggies and went to work.  Onion. Check!  Peppers.  Check!  “Whir 4 seconds at velocity 3 to chunk the vegetables.”  Check!

Wait.  Chunk? So what’s up with the veggie puree in there?

Long story short, we wound up with what we decided would make a nice, healthy pasta sauce.  So I guess I better set aside some time this weekend to read the damn directions.