I tend to be a fair-weather…. everything. I like my soccer teams to be winners, I like my food and wine to be great, and I want the sun to shine. Is that so much to ask?  Don’t answer that.

CocasThis spring in Dénia has been super cloudy and cool. And since I’m from a very dry climate, of course I’m the one who caught the nasty cold. But you know what? I’m still loving the heck out of being here. I’ve had so many incredible meals and sampled all kinds of new and interesting (wonderful) wines. And hanging out in Rosario’s kitchen while she whips up something delectable is always a huge treat.

A couple of days ago Rosario made Cocas for lunch — basically Spanish mini-pizzas.  Very simple, and oh-so-good. It’s simple – a yeast bread dough (flour, yeast, water, salt). Let the dough rise for a little bit, then make small flat circles of dough about the size of your open hand.  Top with pretty much anything. This week Rosario made a quick pisto – fresh red peppers, onions, eggplant, garlic sauteed in olive oil for one topping. And the other was peas and caramelized onions. And she topped them with little bits of de-salted dried tuna.  YUM!  No cheese involved (normally but of course you can add whatever you like). Bake til the dough is crispy, serve with a little salad and a good Spanish wine, and you’ve got hand-held heaven.  Enjoy!