Cheesemaking 101 with Tapas and Spanish Wine

Join me and my friend Kate Johnson of The Art of Cheese, artisan cheesemaking school in Longmont for a fun and festive evening. Learn how simple it is to make your own cheese, and how to make simple tapas (small Spanish bites) and how to pair them with great Spanish cheeses.  Careful, though, you may [...]

Cheesemaking 101 with Tapas and Spanish Wine2017-12-04T14:27:20-07:00

Connecting with Catalunya

A "Madrileño" (Madrid) friend stared at me intently. "Seriously, Denise? I can NOT believe that you can be a fan of the Barcelona soccer team. If you knew their fans, those Catalans, you would change your mind in a heartbeat." And there it was -- the raw truth of why we're all a bit testy these [...]

Connecting with Catalunya2017-10-20T08:40:50-07:00