Spanish Sunday Classes at Kitchen Co Longmont!

We partner with the wonderful kitchen store here in Longmont -- Kitchen Co -- to teach hands-on, fun cooking classes for home cooks!  Our focus is on simple, delicious foods that bring people together at the table -- without taking hours to prepare. Here's a sample of the classes we offer, in conjunction with Kitchen [...]

Spanish Sunday Classes at Kitchen Co Longmont!2019-10-22T05:19:21-06:00

Foodies in Paradise

I started an email to a friend a few days ago, and when I saw the list of things we'd been lucky enough to do in Spain, in just 3 weeks, I realized how far behind I am in sharing stories and pictures.  So today, just to catch up, here's a quick recap with some [...]

Foodies in Paradise2018-10-14T07:16:16-06:00

A Taste of Tapas — Longmont Restaurant Week

With summer fast approaching, there's nothing better than evenings outside with a nice glass of wine and some simple, quick tapas (little bites). Join us for Longmont Restaurant week and find out how to quickly and easily pull together simple, delicious snacks for an impromptu get-together, or a quiet evening for two. This demo class [...]

A Taste of Tapas — Longmont Restaurant Week2018-04-09T12:59:56-06:00

Octopus Eve

I grew up in a Texas town of about 3,000 people. As you can imagine, my culinary base was built on biscuits, gravy, and steak. The most exotic thing I ate growing up was Patio Frozen Enchiladas.  No joke. Our town was so small that I didn't eat in a restaurant until I was around [...]

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Cheesemaking 101 with Tapas and Spanish Wine

Join me and my friend Kate Johnson of The Art of Cheese, artisan cheesemaking school in Longmont for a fun and festive evening. Learn how simple it is to make your own cheese, and how to make simple tapas (small Spanish bites) and how to pair them with great Spanish cheeses.  Careful, though, you may [...]

Cheesemaking 101 with Tapas and Spanish Wine2017-12-04T14:27:20-06:00

Holiday Tapas Party

Tapas – the small bites of Spain.  One of the best party foods ever. With infinite possibilities, and a few basic skills, you can pull together a great, simple get-together in just a few minutes. Learn a couple of our most popular traditional cooked tapas, and we'll show you some super-fast and simple options.  Be [...]

Holiday Tapas Party2017-11-09T11:14:54-06:00

Swimming Naked in Spain – and Ham Sandwiches

If you think for one minute I'm going to show you pictures of naked people on the beach -- you'd be right. But don't call the porn police just yet -- we're talking European I-don't-give-a-damn-what-you-think, not American prudence.  ;-) I was invited with friends to "take a walk to the beach."  I didn't know what [...]

Swimming Naked in Spain – and Ham Sandwiches2017-11-14T07:27:35-06:00

Connecting with Catalunya

A "Madrileño" (Madrid) friend stared at me intently. "Seriously, Denise? I can NOT believe that you can be a fan of the Barcelona soccer team. If you knew their fans, those Catalans, you would change your mind in a heartbeat." And there it was -- the raw truth of why we're all a bit testy these [...]

Connecting with Catalunya2017-10-20T08:40:50-06:00

The Spanish Rules of Eating

We went out to breakfast, like most days when we're in Spain. Well, almost.  Unlike most days, our friend, Irene, and her 4-yr old son, Leo were here.  So the priorities got rearranged just a little.  Instead of considering where we could get the best coffee and food, the first consideration was how good the [...]

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Tapas — The Little Dishes of Spain

Thanks for your interest -- this event is sold out!  Register here to get email updates about upcoming classes, free recipes, and tips.  In the meantime... make time to Eat Together! If your idea of a great meal is lots of little nibbles, with minimal prep, this class is for you! This is an introduction [...]

Tapas — The Little Dishes of Spain2017-08-17T08:58:48-06:00