Backseat Driving in France

Nobody is EVER gonna convince me that there's a better way to experience a new country than travelling by car. And to prove it, I'm just gonna show you...... Welcome to France!! OK, well, John might beg to differ. Notice the white-knuckles on the steering wheel.  But a little blizzard didn't stop us!  [...]

Backseat Driving in France2018-11-09T05:43:22-06:00

Holiday Tapas Party

Tapas – the small bites of Spain.  One of the best party foods ever. With infinite possibilities, and a few basic skills, you can pull together a great, simple get-together in just a few minutes. Learn a couple of our most popular traditional cooked tapas, and we'll show you some super-fast and simple options.  Be [...]

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Tapas — The Little Dishes of Spain

Thanks for your interest -- this event is sold out!  Register here to get email updates about upcoming classes, free recipes, and tips.  In the meantime... make time to Eat Together! If your idea of a great meal is lots of little nibbles, with minimal prep, this class is for you! This is an introduction [...]

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