Spanish Cheesemaking Class

Bet you didn't know you can make incredible cheese at home, didja? I've been making all kinds of cheeses for about 3 years, and my specialty is (can you guess?)  Spanish cheeses! I'll be teaching at my cheesemaking alma mater, The Art of Cheese, in Longmont, on Aug 12th from 4 to 6pm.  Not close [...]

Spanish Cheesemaking Class2017-08-06T17:51:28-06:00

The Internets, Baby Goats, Scooping Poop, and Cheese

What do The Internets, Baby Goats,  Cow and Goat Poop, and Cheese have to do with each other? Well I'll just tell ya. I've been in internet hell for the past 2 weeks, after my shopping cart provider who-shall-not-be-named did a little bait and switch and my $34/mo plan turned into $129/mo.  Needless to say, [...]

The Internets, Baby Goats, Scooping Poop, and Cheese2017-08-02T19:53:50-06:00

A Little Cheesey

"We should learn to make cheese,"  he said. "Huh?"  I responded. "Cheese.  We should learn how to make it at home," he replied. Poor guy had no idea what he'd just gotten himself into. At first we tried our hand at a couple of simple cheeses made with rennet (the coagulant that's used in [...]

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