Spanish Sunday Classes at Kitchen Co Longmont!

We partner with the wonderful kitchen store here in Longmont -- Kitchen Co -- to teach hands-on, fun cooking classes for home cooks!  Our focus is on simple, delicious foods that bring people together at the table -- without taking hours to prepare. Here's a sample of the classes we offer, in conjunction with Kitchen [...]

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Cook60 Challenge + Spanish Sunday Online Cooking Club

A new kind of New Year's Resolution -- a Cooking Challenge!  Whether you want to learn new recipes, get better at faster cooking techniques, or eat healthier, this is a great way to kick off 2019.  Get more details or sign up HERE.

Cook60 Challenge + Spanish Sunday Online Cooking Club2018-12-29T12:20:45-06:00

Cooking with Friends – Spanish Comfort Food

There aren't many things I enjoy more than cooking with good friends. In Spain, that's not so hard to do, since pretty much everybody loves good food, and enjoys sharing their favorite dish with you. This year I've been super lucky to spend a lot of cooking and learning time with two different friends who [...]

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Spain Time!

We're off to Spain soon, and can't wait! We'll be in beautiful Dénia from mid September until mid November. If you've got a trip planned to Spain, contact us about our private / custom cooking classes in Spain! If you're not already on our mailing list, you may want to do that now, so you [...]

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A Taste of Tapas — Longmont Restaurant Week

With summer fast approaching, there's nothing better than evenings outside with a nice glass of wine and some simple, quick tapas (little bites). Join us for Longmont Restaurant week and find out how to quickly and easily pull together simple, delicious snacks for an impromptu get-together, or a quiet evening for two. This demo class [...]

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Traditional Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas – the little bites of Spain, have become a fashionable and tasty addition to any get-together. Unfortunately many of the traditional recipes are overlooked in favor of fancy, elaborate appetizers. In this class we’ll focus on two of the most traditional tapas; Albondigas — Meatballs in Almond Sauce, and Ensaladilla – Russian Salad. [...]

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Octopus Eve

I grew up in a Texas town of about 3,000 people. As you can imagine, my culinary base was built on biscuits, gravy, and steak. The most exotic thing I ate growing up was Patio Frozen Enchiladas.  No joke. Our town was so small that I didn't eat in a restaurant until I was around [...]

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Holiday Tapas Party

Tapas – the small bites of Spain.  One of the best party foods ever. With infinite possibilities, and a few basic skills, you can pull together a great, simple get-together in just a few minutes. Learn a couple of our most popular traditional cooked tapas, and we'll show you some super-fast and simple options.  Be [...]

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Swimming Naked in Spain – and Ham Sandwiches

If you think for one minute I'm going to show you pictures of naked people on the beach -- you'd be right. But don't call the porn police just yet -- we're talking European I-don't-give-a-damn-what-you-think, not American prudence.  ;-) I was invited with friends to "take a walk to the beach."  I didn't know what [...]

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