Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience

Yeah, yeah, I know. My Spanish friends have already threatened to disown me for calling it "Paella." But that's what you get when you combine the Beaujolais harvest in France with the best-you-can-do-with-what-you've-got paella made outside of Spain. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We made our trek to Spain at the very beginning of [...]

Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience2019-10-21T02:13:23-06:00

Eat Yer Peas!

Growing up in the South -- with a superstitious Mom -- we were required to eat black-eyed peas on every single New Year's Day for our entire lives.  It didn't matter if you were a grown-up with a job and 3 kids.  You still got the call on New Year's Day:  "Did you eat your black-eyed [...]

Eat Yer Peas!2019-01-03T15:31:54-06:00

Cook60 Challenge + Spanish Sunday Online Cooking Club

A new kind of New Year's Resolution -- a Cooking Challenge!  Whether you want to learn new recipes, get better at faster cooking techniques, or eat healthier, this is a great way to kick off 2019.  Get more details or sign up HERE.

Cook60 Challenge + Spanish Sunday Online Cooking Club2018-12-29T12:20:45-06:00

Arabian Nights – Quick, Simple, & Unique Evening for Two, or a Feast for More

If you’re in a rut, here’s something new, simple, quick and incredibly delicious to add to your homemade meals. Moroccan food is quite exotic to most people, but these unique and wonderful flavors are a lot easier to prepare than you may think. In this class we’ll work together to prepare an incredible Tagine dish. [...]

Arabian Nights – Quick, Simple, & Unique Evening for Two, or a Feast for More2018-05-04T09:06:36-06:00

5 Minute Homemade Crusty Bread – Longmont Restaurant Week

Think you can't make bread? "I have always loved to cook and hated to bake, but your recipes are, especially after your demonstrations, quite unintimidating. I was especially interested that you measured water in a dry measuring cup, and the world didn't come to an end."  Barbara Join us for Longmont Restaurant Week special demo [...]

5 Minute Homemade Crusty Bread – Longmont Restaurant Week2018-04-09T13:02:14-06:00

Traditional Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas – the little bites of Spain, have become a fashionable and tasty addition to any get-together. Unfortunately many of the traditional recipes are overlooked in favor of fancy, elaborate appetizers. In this class we’ll focus on two of the most traditional tapas; Albondigas — Meatballs in Almond Sauce, and Ensaladilla – Russian Salad. [...]

Traditional Spanish Tapas2017-12-26T11:58:52-06:00

Octopus Eve

I grew up in a Texas town of about 3,000 people. As you can imagine, my culinary base was built on biscuits, gravy, and steak. The most exotic thing I ate growing up was Patio Frozen Enchiladas.  No joke. Our town was so small that I didn't eat in a restaurant until I was around [...]

Octopus Eve2018-01-05T07:51:54-06:00

The Spanish Rules of Eating

We went out to breakfast, like most days when we're in Spain. Well, almost.  Unlike most days, our friend, Irene, and her 4-yr old son, Leo were here.  So the priorities got rearranged just a little.  Instead of considering where we could get the best coffee and food, the first consideration was how good the [...]

The Spanish Rules of Eating2017-10-02T06:43:15-06:00

Spain Time — On the Road Again

Time to soak up a little more Spain! Join us virtually -- or come for a Spanish cooking class in Dénia!

Spain Time — On the Road Again2017-08-14T19:41:24-06:00

The Internets, Baby Goats, Scooping Poop, and Cheese

What do The Internets, Baby Goats,  Cow and Goat Poop, and Cheese have to do with each other? Well I'll just tell ya. I've been in internet hell for the past 2 weeks, after my shopping cart provider who-shall-not-be-named did a little bait and switch and my $34/mo plan turned into $129/mo.  Needless to say, [...]

The Internets, Baby Goats, Scooping Poop, and Cheese2017-08-02T19:53:50-06:00