So… we landed on Saturday night, after a day of many MANY flight delays (on an airline who shall remain nameless — but is on the “never-again-if-I-can-help-it” list).  We drove to Dénia, stepped out of the car, and walked smack into a friend who was sitting at the outdoor bar beneath our apartment.  He had no idea we were coming.

We went into one of the 3 bars that are right downstairs from our apartment and had a quick glass of wine while we waited for our apartment keys to be delivered.  Within the hour we had met a friend, made a new friend, were setup with an apartment, and were off to meet another friend for dinner at one of our favorite tapas bars in the coolest part of town.

The next day we overslept and went racing to our reservation at Entrearomas where we were greeted by name, and ushered to a table in the corner where our host, Oscar, explained that he hoped we didn’t mind, but he knew that our usual friends couldn’t join us, so he had taken the liberty of seating us with two women that were very friendly.  He didn’t want us to sit alone.  Sure enough, by the time lunch was over we had exchanged phone numbers and made plans to do some food and wine explorations together with our new friends.

Jamon Serrano & CheeseMonday we knew we had to get our phone and internet situated, so we ran those errands, and then went to the supermarket while we still had the car.  We decided that a Jamon Serrano would look pretty good on the kitchen counter, so we spent some time getting educated on which one to buy — not the cheap stuff, and not the $1200 version either.

Our friends keep offering a hand — just sure that there will be a hiccup here or a delay there, but as usual, things have just fallen into place.  Everyone is stunned that it took less than a day to get high speed internet installed and fully functional.  Apparently that kind of service is unheard of.

So here we are, ready for more adventures in exploring more incredible Spanish food and wine.

Nothing like a little serendipity to make you feel right at home.