Take off your shoes, snuggle up on soft cushions, sit back and relax.  Strains of Ishtar set the mood and in minutes I’m taking a mental stroll through Marrakech — even though I haven’t (yet) been there.  Wine is available, but I can’t resist the more exotic blends of  fruit juices with a grown-up kick.  The friendly wait staff instructs us in the proper traditions, washes our hands, has us drape the beach towel (our napkin) over our left shoulder, and let the feasting begin!

My honey discovered Kasbah in a local newspaper ad (I know, I know, but there still are newspapers out there.)  If you’re in the Boulder area check it out — if not… too bad, so sad…. evil giggle. OK, I’ll be nice.  If you don’t live around here and you’ve never tried Moroccan food, you should run, not walk, to the nearest (good) Moroccan restaurant you can find.  Check out the menu and the pictures.  If the inside looks like the inside of a nomad’s tent and you can imagine yourself getting carried away by the hypnotic music….  sorry, there I go again.  Anyway, of course there are bad Moroccan restaurants out there. I know, I’ve tried ’em.  So check out reviews, like the ones on Yelp and you’ll get real people reviews, instead of some snooty food reviewer.

Zak at The Kasbah

Zak Tadlaoui – Owner

I’m a sucker for intense spices and unusual experiences.  And I love restaurants where the owner and staff are crazy about what they do.  Zak Tadlaoui took time to come out of the kitchen and visit every table.  He was warm and welcoming, and it was obvious that he cared about the quality of the entire experience.  By the way, the belly dancers were terrific and performed throughout dinner.

The Kasbah was great in every respect, and pretty much solidifed my interest in learning more about Moroccan food.  Good thing Gina gave me that new cookbook and couscousiere!  Stay tuned for more recipes.  And if you just can’t wait, I highly recommend you start by exploring charmoula! I’ll share one of my favorite recipes soon.  Bon Apetit!

“Every traveler knows it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never seen.”  Unknown