Ok, ok, I admit it. I’ve been hiding in shame.  Spain made a pitiful appearance in their first World Cup match and got beat by Switzerland. Switzerland!  No offense to Swiss soccer fans, but the Swiss are not exactly known as a futbol powerhouse.  And Spain has been (until recently) ranked as #1 in the world, vying with Brazil for top honors.

After their dismal defeat,  today would have been much MUCH too long of a work day to wait until tonight to watch today’s game.  So we called a long lunch, parked in front of the big screen, and watched as Spain made their comeback.  Sort of.  They played better than Honduras, but missed easy passes and easy goals all game long.  Fortunately — thank you David Villa — they scored twice.  But based on the play of Honduras and the power available on the Spanish team, it should have been more like 7 – 0 like Portugal and South Korea.  Still, a win is a win I suppose.

All I can say is — Spain is messin’ with my plans for victory parties.  As much as we love ’em, the Spanish team is giving us more reasons to drink heavily than to eat, drink, and be Spanish.