I return again to the subject of having a passion.  What is yours?  What makes your adrenaline flow?  What causes the words to flow or even gush out of your mouth when talking about your passion?  Well, mine is easy….Spain, the Spanish culture, its people.  And I can get this all wrapped up in one with my passion for Flamenco!  I love to dance it, learn it, listen to it, and most of all, go to Spain to do all this first hand!

FlamencoMy passion for Flamenco developed out of the love of dance, movement and study of different cultures.  My first intoduction to Flamenco was when I was 14.  I was taken to a lecture/demonstration by my brother.  The lecture was given by an aging José Greco and his wife Nana Lorca.  I can remember his ruddy stage make-up, his strong features and the typical Spanish hat he wore (a Cordobés).  I can’t remember much of his lecture, but I do remember how excited and curious it made me about Spain and its dance.  I knew I had to go to Spain one day.  The seed was planted, but it took many years and detours for this seed to come into full bloom as my passion.

Wow, now that I have totally become ‘apasionado’ (in love with) Flamenco, the opportunity has arisen to write/blog about Flamenco.  I will be able to offer an interesting perspective: as a Flamenco ‘aficionado’, as a moderately fine dancer of Flamenco, as a student of Flamenco always looking for good flamenco classes, as an informant on different subjects concerning Flamenco and as a good teacher of beginning and intermediate technique.  (I remain humble when talking about my skills because, the best of the best in Flamenco are Spaniards — mostly living in Spain — though not all of the great teachers and performers have chosen to stay in Spain.  Through Tipsy Toro I’ll direct you to the best teachers and performers I have come across!

I will share with you where to study Flamenco, shop for Flamenco items, where to stay while you are visiting Spain, where to see good Flamenco, etc.  I’m here to get you started on a great journey into the Flamenco world in Spain!