Fallas DeniaA few years ago, one of my (many) Spanish teachers got all offended because in my final exam — which was a little speech in Spanish in front of the class — I said I read that Spain had more festivals than any other country in the world.  She didn’t like that one little bit. She said “Oh, I don’t THINK so! I think Brazil probably has at least as many, if not MORE than Spain!”


All I know is that every time I’m in Spain there’s a party somewhere. And when I’m there for several months, there’s a fiesta day at least once a month, where everybody gets to take the day off and have feasts with their family and friends.  Heck, they even have a special word for when a fiesta falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday — they take the Friday or Monday off too (called a “puente” or “bridge”) so they can string their days off into a very long weekend.  Gotta love it!

Summer is the height of party time in Spain, so if you’re lucky enough to be there, be sure and check out what festivals are going on.  Here are a couple of links that might help.



Oh, and there are so many smaller festivals that they can’t possibly all be listed on any of these websites, so be sure to do a search for the area where you’ll be.  Try the region and “festivals.”  Like “Alicante festivals” and include the year.

One more tip — the dates for the big festivals are frequently wrong on the internet!  We almost missed Moors and Christians last year because they had moved the dates due to Easter, but they hadn’t changed the dates on the internet.  If it’s important to you to see a particular festival, make a phone call to the local tourist office before you book your trip!

DIVIERTATE!  Have Fun!  And send pictures!