After a crazy couple of weeks of work that included high stress and lots of hours, on Friday I pushed my chair back and turned to my honey / business partner and said “Let’s get the hell outta Dodge.”  Within 20 minutes  (I am not making this up) we had:

  1. Called our friend Toni, who owns the Crooked Creek Saloon in Fraser and made arrangements to meet her at her place for dinner and wine;
  2. Talked to our dog-sitter-next-door and made arrangements for Wicket to eat and play while we were gone;
  3. Decided on what wine to take;
  4. Googled the No Tell Motel in Winter Park and had a reservation;
  5. Packed some spare skivvies in an overnight bag; and
  6. We were backing out of the driveway.

On the way we stopped and picked up an amazing Spanish wine called Cepa 21 that was a big hit with Toni and her staff.  (Toni and I made a video for grins and giggles – I’ll share that when the Video Department has it ready).  We sampled the terrific food at the Crooked Creek, and got the downtime that we desperately needed.

Sometimes people think we’re nuts, but you know, when it’s time for a break, just break the rules and GO!