Spain is an obsession for me, I’ll admit it.  I’ll also admit that sometimes I get a little exuberant and my friends want to stick an old sock in my mouth to shut me up.  But occasionally (OK, pretty much every time), when I meet someone new they want to play 20 questions.  “What do you do?  You do WHAT?  You spend HOW MUCH time in Spain?  Will you take me with you?  When? Give me your card.  Give me your phone number.  Promise me you’ll contact me.”  I tried to be cool.  I tried to tone it down.  I did.  Honest.  But it just doesn’t come out that way.  Spain is just too f!@#$ cool to keep it to myself.

Obviously we’re headed somewhere here, so I’ll get to the point.  After MUCH wailing and gnashing of teeth (in my head) I finally figured out a way to share Spain in more than just words and pictures.  I’ll keep sharing those too.  In fact, I’ll do much more / better of that from now on.  But I’m also planning a new adventure that will give food, wine, and… what shall we call people (you) who appreciate “the good life?”… a taste of real Spain.  The goal is to shift your lifestyle a little Spain-ward.  And no, you don’t have to be a gazillion-aire to play with me.  Stay tuned.  Much more coming.  Very soon.