What do The Internets, Baby Goats,  Cow and Goat Poop, and Cheese have to do with each other? Well I’ll just tell ya.

I’ve been in internet hell for the past 2 weeks, after my shopping cart provider who-shall-not-be-named did a little bait and switch and my $34/mo plan turned into $129/mo.  Needless to say, I was more than a little PO’d. But that sent me into an emergency tizzy to try and find a different solution. Fast.

But fast turned into really really painful. And slow.  So I needed a break.

Who wants to talk about The Internets, anyway?  Instead, in between temper tantrums, I found solace in a couple of simple things.  It just turned out that at the very same time I was battling technology, 2 different local farms needed a pooper scooper.  So I volunteered us (poor Al).  You wouldn’t believe how fast you can forget about your woes when you’re scooping poop in the hot sun.

Suddenly all that mattered was water. And lots of it.

And of course baby goat cuddles.  Playing with my baby Ella (short for Mozzarella) always puts me in a good mood.

Ella Nubian Goat 1 Week Old

And to prove I’m no slacker (errrr…. sometimes), I also realized I had 5 gallons of fresh milk in the refrigerator.  Holy cow. And goat. I couldn’t let that valuable milk go to waste.

So in between screaming at my computer and scooping poop, and playing with Ella, I made a French cheese, called Valencay, 2 wheels of Iberico (similar to Manchego, but with cow and goat milk), and some good old-fashioned goat cheese.  They’re sitting here drying and draining right this minute.

But you know there’s a moral to this story.  No matter how busy or how stressed out I get, finding time to hang out with animals (OK, or their by-products), and to be in the kitchen somehow makes it all better.  I highly recommend it.