I started an email to a friend a few days ago, and when I saw the list of things we’d been lucky enough to do in Spain, in just 3 weeks, I realized how far behind I am in sharing stories and pictures.  So today, just to catch up, here’s a quick recap with some pictures.

If it makes you a teensy bit envious, don’t worry. Al is taking loads of photos and I’ve nearly filled up a whole notebook of fun stuff to share in classes when we get back to Colorado. I’ll also post more detailed articles here on the blog, as time allows.

1. Els Paellers — a restaurant right here in Dénia that none of our friends knew about. Paella cooked over an open wood fire, a pool for the kids, and a great Spanish Sunday for everybody:

Wood fired paella by the pool in Spain.

2. DNA Food Festival. I’ve written about it before, here, but to recap, it’s the pet project of a well-known Michelin-star-wielding chef called Qique Dacosta. (If you follow that link, prepare yourself for an avant-garde experience.)

Yes, those are octopus (octopi?) drying behind the chef!

DNA Food Festival 2018 Denia Spain

3. Cooking with friend and chef Mari. 5 dishes, one wonderful day, and more to come (don’t worry, I will share). This was really fun — to discover that you can make a relatively quick — and incredibly tasty — paella for 2 to 4 people in a heavy skillet!

Paella de Rabo - Paella with a Tail

4. Cooking with friend and chef Rosario.  Amazing, and delicious dishes. P.S. Rosario just won a Spanish tv show competition called “Come and Dine with Me” — now we know a celebrity!  Here’s one of the fancy-schmancy (and very easy) tapas she taught me (and more to come). YUM!


5. One of our dear friends here in Dénia invited us to his new restaurant in town, El Rincon de Montava.  The chef is a master at paella, and we´ve been promised an introduction, and maybe even some tips.  Can´t WAIT!

El Rincon de Montava Paella Restaurant

I’ll stop there, before you gain weight just looking.  Believe it or not, there’s actually more to share. But you better pace yourself. Somebody has to, because we’re sure NOT!