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We partner with the wonderful kitchen store here in Longmont — Kitchen Co — to teach hands-on, fun cooking classes for home cooks!  Our focus is on simple, delicious foods that bring people together at the table — without taking hours to prepare.

Here’s a sample of the classes we offer, in conjunction with Kitchen Co.:

Authentic Paella Valenciana — When you want to cook something slow and a bit more involved (but not difficult), paella is the perfect excuse to bring people together.  Learn how to spend a lazy afternoon with friends and family with incredible food and great wine. This is the real McCoy, learned from nearly 20 years experience in the kitchens of amazing home cooks and professional chefs in Spain.

Spanish Tapas — several different classes that increase your skill and confidence in being able to entertain quickly and easily, the way Spaniards do. Many of these “little bites” don’t require any cooking at all — and they’re really tasty!

5 Minute Bread ‘n Homemade Butter — Learn why homemade bread doesn’t require a PhD, or tons of time. And find out how much better for you homemade bread is. And homemade butter? So easy and delicious…

Meatless Monday – a series of classes to help you (slightly) reduce the amount of meat you eat. And even better — with the right recipes it can be painless!

20 Minute Meals — Your life is crazy enough, you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to put great, healthy food on the table for yourself and your family or friends. These are tested and timed, so that you can have time to relax and enjoy a great homemade meal in minutes.

And much more…

See current class offerings at Kitchen Co Longmont’s website, and Register There!

Questions?  Contact Denise:  denise @ spanishsunday.com