You may not have heard of Qique Dacosta. But pretty much any foodie in Europe knows his name. He’s the recipient of a whole bunch of culinary awards — not to mention his THREE Michelin stars.  If you’re like me, though, mushroom fricaseed pate of duck feet foam isn’t really your thing. So I haven’t robbed a bank to go to his restaurant here in my little Spanish village.  But a few weeks ago I suddenly became a raving fan…

Not because I ate at his restaurant, but because I was lucky enough to be in Dénia when he launched a brand new food festival.  Turns out that the whole idea behind the DNA Festival of Gastronomy is about four things, that appeared on the festival marketing  materials, and were stressed constantly during the 2 days of presentations by world-class chefs:

DNA Denia Food Festival Poster

Cocina  = Cook

Come = Eat

Comparte = Share

Convive = Coexist

Pretty great, huh? That a famous chef cares about  sourcing local ingredients and making sure those natural resources are protected, and about cooking — and sharing —  great food.

Well, instead of telling you about it, how about if I show you what it looked like. The video is only a couple of minutes. Enjoy!