Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience

Yeah, yeah, I know. My Spanish friends have already threatened to disown me for calling it "Paella." But that's what you get when you combine the Beaujolais harvest in France with the best-you-can-do-with-what-you've-got paella made outside of Spain. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We made our trek to Spain at the very beginning of [...]

Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience2019-10-21T02:13:23-06:00

Wine and Chocolate – The Two Major Food Groups

Wine Chocolate I'm tempted to just leave it at that.  But after dinner a few nights ago, we pulled out some great chocolate to pair with a couple of Spanish wines, and  I was shocked when our friends said "Really?  You drink wine with chocolate?" Whoa....  I thought everybody knew that wine and chocolate are [...]

Wine and Chocolate – The Two Major Food Groups2017-01-24T13:26:50-07:00

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!

If I were a wine snob I'd try to impress you that "I know people."  But since I'm not -- and I think wine is something you should enjoy because you like it, and because it goes great with food, instead I'll tell you the truth: (with your best teenage voice)  Ohmahgawd!  Guess what I [...]

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!2017-06-08T17:47:46-06:00

Learning Russian

Have you ever been with someone who had absolutely no sense of appropriateness?  They'll ask for anything, while you're trying to hide behind the nearest tree?  Well, that's my new friend Merche.  Thank goodness. Merche picked me and Salli up, with the plan of driving us over to see Cadiz.  We piled in the car [...]

Learning Russian2017-01-24T13:25:15-07:00

A Red Wine Lover Sees White

If you're like me and (let's be honest) you turn your nose up at white wine -- listen up! I'm about to broaden your horizons. So we take these wine classes and I'm thinking "Yeah, I want to learn all I can, but nobody is going to turn me into a white wine drinker."  Then [...]

A Red Wine Lover Sees White2017-01-23T17:02:51-07:00

How to Survive 6 Days of Feasting With Spaniards

Make that 7 days.  Since I started writing this yesterday, there has been even more incredible food, and we were invited to yet another huge lunch today.  I never, ever, EVER thought I'd say this, but PLEASE, No More Food!  (Well, OK, at least for 1 day.) Since we landed in Spain on Tuesday evening, [...]

How to Survive 6 Days of Feasting With Spaniards2017-01-23T17:32:06-07:00

Secrets of a Spanish Winemaker

Two Spaniards are hired to drive the winery wagon 25 miles into town to deliver 3 huge barrels of wine to the market.  How much wine arrives at the market? Check out the video below and hear how Rafa's great-grandfather solved that little puzzle.  Then scoot over to Facebook with the link below and "Like" [...]

Secrets of a Spanish Winemaker2017-01-24T13:59:06-07:00

3 Reasons You Should Try Tempranillo

When you first start learning about wine, it can be pretty daunting.  All those hard-to-pronounce names, snooty wine descriptions like "hints of leather and tobacco" and prices that can make you run for the beer aisle. But Spain has a user-friendly solution for you.  Tempranillo  (temp - rah - NEE - yo).  Quick background lesson [...]

3 Reasons You Should Try Tempranillo2017-01-23T17:02:26-07:00

Anti-Wine Snob — Spanish Wines

Let's be honest.  Lots of us in the U.S. are either intimidated by, or put off by, wine snobs.  It's OK, they won't be reading this blog, so we can talk among ourselves.  The first time I tasted wine, I was 16 and on my first prom date.  My boyfriend's parents made a really nice [...]

Anti-Wine Snob — Spanish Wines2011-03-08T14:34:12-07:00

Live Like a Spaniard

It is now, by my not-very-official laptop clock, 11:59.... no wait, 12:00 a.m. (that would be in the morning)  in beautiful, delicious, amazing, Dénia, Spain.  And I just got back from dinner.  No, I'm not kidding. And why should you care?  That is the question. Chris Guillebeau, poses in his brand spanking new book, [...]

Live Like a Spaniard2017-01-23T18:43:07-07:00