Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience

Yeah, yeah, I know. My Spanish friends have already threatened to disown me for calling it "Paella." But that's what you get when you combine the Beaujolais harvest in France with the best-you-can-do-with-what-you've-got paella made outside of Spain. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We made our trek to Spain at the very beginning of [...]

Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience2019-10-21T02:13:23-06:00

Backseat Driving in France

Nobody is EVER gonna convince me that there's a better way to experience a new country than travelling by car. And to prove it, I'm just gonna show you...... Welcome to France!! OK, well, John might beg to differ. Notice the white-knuckles on the steering wheel.  But a little blizzard didn't stop us!  [...]

Backseat Driving in France2018-11-09T05:43:22-07:00

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!

If I were a wine snob I'd try to impress you that "I know people."  But since I'm not -- and I think wine is something you should enjoy because you like it, and because it goes great with food, instead I'll tell you the truth: (with your best teenage voice)  Ohmahgawd!  Guess what I [...]

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!2017-06-08T17:47:46-06:00

Travel Hacking – Keeping It Simple (Stupid?)

I'm not the kind of traveler who's on a plane every month.  I go to business conferences, and then mostly I go to Spain and do hops from there.  This year South America is calling my name too, so I'm giving that one some thought -- but that's another story.  Anyway, I don't consider myself [...]

Travel Hacking – Keeping It Simple (Stupid?)2011-07-21T13:41:05-06:00

Lessons in Travel Hacking — “It’s an Adventure!”

The frantic call came in late in the afternoon "I found this great deal in Sardenia!"  We can fly Ryan Air for just €50 from Barcelona and there's this great all-inclusive resort we can get for just €150 for 3 days!  Let's go!"  And then, before I could open my mouth to reply (and [...]

Lessons in Travel Hacking — “It’s an Adventure!”2017-01-24T08:25:09-07:00

Confessions of a Travel Hacking Newbie (Ouch)

Among people who travel and are involved in online business, Chris Guillebeau is well known for both his travel expertise and his business savvy.  So when he started The Travel Hacker's Cartel (THC)  just a few weeks ago, I couldn't throw money at him fast enough.  As the price of plane tickets continues to get [...]

Confessions of a Travel Hacking Newbie (Ouch)2017-01-23T17:02:44-07:00