“Stuck” in Spain – Let’s Get Cookin’!

When the virus gives you lemons...  Forget the lemonade, how about some Limoncello?  ;)  But that's a recipe for another day. So here we are, spending our Spain time stuck indoors, waiting out the virus. We're taking advantage of the indoor time to cook more often.  Well, we don't really have a choice, as all [...]

“Stuck” in Spain – Let’s Get Cookin’!2020-03-19T10:37:50-06:00

Eat Yer Peas!

Growing up in the South -- with a superstitious Mom -- we were required to eat black-eyed peas on every single New Year's Day for our entire lives.  It didn't matter if you were a grown-up with a job and 3 kids.  You still got the call on New Year's Day:  "Did you eat your black-eyed [...]

Eat Yer Peas!2019-01-03T15:31:54-07:00

Cooking with Friends – Spanish Comfort Food

There aren't many things I enjoy more than cooking with good friends. In Spain, that's not so hard to do, since pretty much everybody loves good food, and enjoys sharing their favorite dish with you. This year I've been super lucky to spend a lot of cooking and learning time with two different friends who [...]

Cooking with Friends – Spanish Comfort Food2018-11-28T17:14:39-07:00

The Zen of Homemade Bread — in 5 Minutes (hands on) or Less

I heard an ad on the radio this morning, proclaiming;  "Americans can't sit still!" Wait, what? We're actually proud of the fact that we're over-committed and running from dawn til dusk (or later)?  I dunno about you, but after my initial jolt of pride, my practical side kicks in and screams... "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING [...]

The Zen of Homemade Bread — in 5 Minutes (hands on) or Less2018-03-10T08:19:11-07:00

Refrigerator Shame — and Zucchini Love

Sometimes you get hit right between the eyes with a "moment"... "Oh S#!^! I'm doing exactly what I tell other people not to do!" And guess who reminded me of my hypocrisy?  My refrigerator. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not.  I've been whining (a LOT -- just ask Al) about taking on too much, [...]

Refrigerator Shame — and Zucchini Love2017-08-31T15:56:15-06:00

The Rain in Spain….

I tend to be a fair-weather.... everything. I like my soccer teams to be winners, I like my food and wine to be great, and I want the sun to shine. Is that so much to ask?  Don't answer that. This spring in Dénia has been super cloudy and cool. And since I'm from a [...]

The Rain in Spain….2017-02-08T05:11:19-07:00

Chelo’s Spinach Nests – Nidos de Espinacas

Chelo doesn't cook real often, but when she does, you better be there.  One of my favorites is her "Nidos de Espinacas."  I beg her to make it for me every time I'm there.  This time she said "OK, but you're never gonna learn unless you do it yourself -- so I'll direct and you'll [...]

Chelo’s Spinach Nests – Nidos de Espinacas2017-01-24T13:29:24-07:00

Summer Sangria!

Rosario, our incredible chef instructor for Tipsy Toro classes in Spain, just sent us her personal recipe for Sangria.  I'm sharing it with you before I've even had a chance to try it myself.  Check it out! ROSARIO'S SANGRIA Mix to your own taste: Red wine (if you wouldn't drink it straight, don't put it [...]

Summer Sangria!2017-01-23T17:01:34-07:00

What’s That In My Chocolate?

Photo from Always Hungry NY So, I'm on a little vacation across the way in Italy, and we go out to dinner the first night there.  I'm thinking this is the hotel receptionists' cousin or brother or something and that the food will be mediocre at best.  Not. The place is a family [...]

What’s That In My Chocolate?2017-01-23T17:27:48-07:00

French Onion Soup – Thermomix Spanish Style – Part 2

Here's the finishing touches to make a wonderful French Onion Soup, Spanish Style - in the Thermomix.  Teresa is an incredible cook and this is a great example of the usefulness of the Thermomix.  This soup is something she threw together on the spur of the moment, with ingredients she happened to have on hand.  [...]

French Onion Soup – Thermomix Spanish Style – Part 22017-01-24T13:52:48-07:00