The Zen of Homemade Bread — in 5 Minutes (hands on) or Less

I heard an ad on the radio this morning, proclaiming;  "Americans can't sit still!" Wait, what? We're actually proud of the fact that we're over-committed and running from dawn til dusk (or later)?  I dunno about you, but after my initial jolt of pride, my practical side kicks in and screams... "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING [...]

The Zen of Homemade Bread — in 5 Minutes (hands on) or Less2018-03-10T08:19:11-07:00

The Internets, Baby Goats, Scooping Poop, and Cheese

What do The Internets, Baby Goats,  Cow and Goat Poop, and Cheese have to do with each other? Well I'll just tell ya. I've been in internet hell for the past 2 weeks, after my shopping cart provider who-shall-not-be-named did a little bait and switch and my $34/mo plan turned into $129/mo.  Needless to say, [...]

The Internets, Baby Goats, Scooping Poop, and Cheese2017-08-02T19:53:50-06:00

Sweet Spanish Serendipity

So... we landed on Saturday night, after a day of many MANY flight delays (on an airline who shall remain nameless -- but is on the "never-again-if-I-can-help-it" list).  We drove to Dénia, stepped out of the car, and walked smack into a friend who was sitting at the outdoor bar beneath our apartment.  He had [...]

Sweet Spanish Serendipity2017-01-23T17:14:50-07:00

Tipsy Toro – Sharing Spain with Friends

You know how some women get all excited for Black Friday shopping?  My version of that is preparing for our annual Tipsy Toro Fiesta. A few years ago we decided to introduce our friends to the food and wine of Spain.  So we bent the rules, and set the party time at 2pm, so they [...]

Tipsy Toro – Sharing Spain with Friends2017-01-23T17:25:16-07:00

Familiar in the Middle of Foreign

I'm a country kid.  Grew up in the middle of godforsaken nowhere, in Texas.  Only one person  in my extended family -- my Uncle Teddy -- had gone to college, or traveled outside the country.  I come from a long line of (very wonderful) "hicks." That means that every time I come to Spain it [...]

Familiar in the Middle of Foreign2011-09-20T06:19:13-06:00

Uninvited Dinner Guests

When do uninvited dinner guests turn out to be the highlight of the day?  When they're short, cute, and Spanish. We took a stroll through one of our favorite parts of Dénia a couple of days ago  -- the oldest area, where some of the streets are so narrow, it's impossible for a car to [...]

Uninvited Dinner Guests2017-01-23T17:01:17-07:00

The Dirty Job of Working in Spain

Lest you think that all we're doing here is eating like pigs and becoming serious wine-o-holics, I thought it was about time to talk a little bit about work. When I first tell people that I spend several months a year in Spain, of course they assume that means vacation.  Sitting on the beach, sipping [...]

The Dirty Job of Working in Spain2011-05-05T06:40:42-06:00

How to Travel Like a Rich Girl

Every time someone hears what I do for a living, you can just watch the mental gymnastics: [Trying to be subtle, looking me up and down.]  Thinking:  "Wow, she doesn't look like a rich girl." [If there are windows nearby, glancing out the window to see what cars are out front.]  Thinking:  "Crap. I didn't [...]

How to Travel Like a Rich Girl2017-01-23T17:00:50-07:00

Patatas Bravas To Die For!

Here's a little peek at what it's like to live like a Spaniard.  Come along and visit my favorite neighborhood tapas bar - Bar Tomas.  But don't tell anybody, dammmit!  It's become famous in the past 2 years and the portions of the world's best Patatas Bravas (brave potatoes) shrunk a little as a result [...]

Patatas Bravas To Die For!2017-01-24T14:04:07-07:00

Fiestas and Bridges – Extra Long Weekends

I read somewhere that Spain has more festivals than any other country in the world.  But when I translated that into Spanish for part of my final test in Spanish class, it didn't go over too well with my university instructor.  "What??? Where in the world did you get THAT idea?  That's not true - [...]

Fiestas and Bridges – Extra Long Weekends2017-01-24T13:20:34-07:00