Rants and Raves — and a Little Green Cheese

I wrote the article. I even sketched up a Stingy Goat cartoon (seriously!). And then I landed in Spain... And all my agitation with people and situations I'd had to deal with recently just evaporated. It's hard to be pissy when you're eating incredible food and drinking amazing wine with fabulous friends. So this post [...]

Rants and Raves — and a Little Green Cheese2017-09-22T09:23:54-06:00

Refrigerator Shame — and Zucchini Love

Sometimes you get hit right between the eyes with a "moment"... "Oh S#!^! I'm doing exactly what I tell other people not to do!" And guess who reminded me of my hypocrisy?  My refrigerator. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not.  I've been whining (a LOT -- just ask Al) about taking on too much, [...]

Refrigerator Shame — and Zucchini Love2017-08-31T15:56:15-06:00

A Busy, Busy Season

OK, so that's my way of saying "oops... sorry!"  When we returned to the U.S. from Spain, things started moving at a rapid clip.  The requests kept coming in for classes with Rosario (yes, really, I'm not making this stuff up), and we've hosted lots of wonderful people from all over the world.  Well, technically [...]

A Busy, Busy Season2012-11-28T14:47:12-07:00

Spanish Serendipity

Sometimes things just fall in your lap and you have NO idea where they came from.  But mine is not to question why... Remember the Calcotada I told you about?  Where you eat giant onions dipped in pepper and almond sauce (Romesco)?  Well, a few weeks ago in Dénia, we were walking along an area [...]

Spanish Serendipity2017-01-23T17:44:53-07:00

Wine and Chocolate – The Two Major Food Groups

Wine Chocolate I'm tempted to just leave it at that.  But after dinner a few nights ago, we pulled out some great chocolate to pair with a couple of Spanish wines, and  I was shocked when our friends said "Really?  You drink wine with chocolate?" Whoa....  I thought everybody knew that wine and chocolate are [...]

Wine and Chocolate – The Two Major Food Groups2017-01-24T13:26:50-07:00

Tipsy Toro – Sharing Spain with Friends

You know how some women get all excited for Black Friday shopping?  My version of that is preparing for our annual Tipsy Toro Fiesta. A few years ago we decided to introduce our friends to the food and wine of Spain.  So we bent the rules, and set the party time at 2pm, so they [...]

Tipsy Toro – Sharing Spain with Friends2017-01-23T17:25:16-07:00

French Onion Soup – Thermomix Spanish Style – Part 1

I'm closing in on buying my very own Thermomix, so whenever I'm in Spain I ask my cooking buddy Teresa to teach me more recipes.  Since fall is approaching, I thought it would be fun to show something simple and quick and warming.  Besides, the ingredients just happened to be on hand in Teresa's kitchen, [...]

French Onion Soup – Thermomix Spanish Style – Part 12017-01-24T13:54:52-07:00

Party Like a Spaniard

OK, I admit it.  I've gone over the top.  The first official Tipsy Toro Spanish Wine and Cooking class is tomorrow and I got a little carried away.  I just couldn't help myself.  So allow me to gush for a moment.  The food and wine of Spain is so wonderful  (and healthy, by the way) [...]

Party Like a Spaniard2011-08-04T14:00:21-06:00

A Chocoholic Wineaux’s Guide to Dieting

I'm a serial dieter.  Not by choice, but because I'm a lazy bum and I love to eat great food and drink the best cheap wine I can find (and it turns out there are plenty of good, cheap wines!).  So that means that when I finally face up to the fact that I've gotten [...]

A Chocoholic Wineaux’s Guide to Dieting2011-07-07T14:26:16-06:00

War of the Roses – A Winemaker’s Secret Weapon

"Hey, Aubie!  Wouldja take a look at this?  I got these little green bugs on my wheat."   I heard farmers from all around the area asking my Granddad -- Aubie Delmus  (no kidding) these kinds of questions.  I knew, without a doubt, that my Granddad was Somebody, because he knew the answers to every farming [...]

War of the Roses – A Winemaker’s Secret Weapon2017-01-24T13:56:07-07:00