Cook, Eat, Share, Coexist — Denia’s Unique Food Festival

You may not have heard of Qique Dacosta. But pretty much any foodie in Europe knows his name. He's the recipient of a whole bunch of culinary awards -- not to mention his THREE Michelin stars.  If you're like me, though, mushroom fricaseed pate of duck feet foam isn't really your thing. So I haven't [...]

Cook, Eat, Share, Coexist — Denia’s Unique Food Festival2017-11-09T01:20:07-07:00

A Little Cheesey

"We should learn to make cheese,"  he said. "Huh?"  I responded. "Cheese.  We should learn how to make it at home," he replied. Poor guy had no idea what he'd just gotten himself into. At first we tried our hand at a couple of simple cheeses made with rennet (the coagulant that's used in [...]

A Little Cheesey2017-02-08T05:10:23-07:00

The Rain in Spain….

I tend to be a fair-weather.... everything. I like my soccer teams to be winners, I like my food and wine to be great, and I want the sun to shine. Is that so much to ask?  Don't answer that. This spring in Dénia has been super cloudy and cool. And since I'm from a [...]

The Rain in Spain….2017-02-08T05:11:19-07:00

Spanish Gold — Smoked Paprika

As Emeril used to say, I wish I had smell-a-blog.  (Well, OK, he said smell-a-vision).  My kitchen in Spain has a heady fragrance of wood fire and smoke.   That's because we're the lucky recipients of 3 kilos  of the magical spice that gives so many Spanish  recipes a distinctive flavor -- Pimentón -- Smoked [...]

Spanish Gold — Smoked Paprika2017-02-08T05:09:29-07:00

Sweet Spanish Serendipity

So... we landed on Saturday night, after a day of many MANY flight delays (on an airline who shall remain nameless -- but is on the "never-again-if-I-can-help-it" list).  We drove to Dénia, stepped out of the car, and walked smack into a friend who was sitting at the outdoor bar beneath our apartment.  He had [...]

Sweet Spanish Serendipity2017-01-23T17:14:50-07:00

A Busy, Busy Season

OK, so that's my way of saying "oops... sorry!"  When we returned to the U.S. from Spain, things started moving at a rapid clip.  The requests kept coming in for classes with Rosario (yes, really, I'm not making this stuff up), and we've hosted lots of wonderful people from all over the world.  Well, technically [...]

A Busy, Busy Season2012-11-28T14:47:12-07:00

Chelo’s Spinach Nests – Nidos de Espinacas

Chelo doesn't cook real often, but when she does, you better be there.  One of my favorites is her "Nidos de Espinacas."  I beg her to make it for me every time I'm there.  This time she said "OK, but you're never gonna learn unless you do it yourself -- so I'll direct and you'll [...]

Chelo’s Spinach Nests – Nidos de Espinacas2017-01-24T13:29:24-07:00

Summer Sangria!

Rosario, our incredible chef instructor for Tipsy Toro classes in Spain, just sent us her personal recipe for Sangria.  I'm sharing it with you before I've even had a chance to try it myself.  Check it out! ROSARIO'S SANGRIA Mix to your own taste: Red wine (if you wouldn't drink it straight, don't put it [...]

Summer Sangria!2017-01-23T17:01:34-07:00

Parteeeeee!!!! Summer in Spain

A few years ago, one of my (many) Spanish teachers got all offended because in my final exam -- which was a little speech in Spanish in front of the class -- I said I read that Spain had more festivals than any other country in the world.  She didn't like that one little bit. [...]

Parteeeeee!!!! Summer in Spain2017-01-24T13:28:13-07:00

Spanish Serendipity

Sometimes things just fall in your lap and you have NO idea where they came from.  But mine is not to question why... Remember the Calcotada I told you about?  Where you eat giant onions dipped in pepper and almond sauce (Romesco)?  Well, a few weeks ago in Dénia, we were walking along an area [...]

Spanish Serendipity2017-01-23T17:44:53-07:00