Better Late Than Never — Celebrating World Cup Victory!

Life has gotten in the way of posting a huge CONGRATS! to La Furia Roja.  There were urgent client projects and then a wedding to attend to -- but I can't neglect this historic moment for Spanish futbol. The game was a thing of beauty -- and the party did the boys justice.  It was [...]

Better Late Than Never — Celebrating World Cup Victory!2010-07-22T06:45:45-06:00

Spanish Soccer – Agony and Ecstasy

Ok, ok, I admit it. I've been hiding in shame.  Spain made a pitiful appearance in their first World Cup match and got beat by Switzerland. Switzerland!  No offense to Swiss soccer fans, but the Swiss are not exactly known as a futbol powerhouse.  And Spain has been (until recently) ranked as #1 in the [...]

Spanish Soccer – Agony and Ecstasy2010-06-21T17:53:11-06:00