Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience

Yeah, yeah, I know. My Spanish friends have already threatened to disown me for calling it "Paella." But that's what you get when you combine the Beaujolais harvest in France with the best-you-can-do-with-what-you've-got paella made outside of Spain. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We made our trek to Spain at the very beginning of [...]

Paella Beaujolais… and a Religious Experience2019-10-21T02:13:23-06:00

Backseat Driving in France

Nobody is EVER gonna convince me that there's a better way to experience a new country than travelling by car. And to prove it, I'm just gonna show you...... Welcome to France!! OK, well, John might beg to differ. Notice the white-knuckles on the steering wheel.  But a little blizzard didn't stop us!  [...]

Backseat Driving in France2018-11-09T05:43:22-07:00

Fall Veggies and Winter Romesco

It was colder than I thought it would be in February. Spain is supposed to be the warm part of Europe.  Yeah, right... Wait.  Hold the phone. It's September in Colorado as I write this. Why are we talking about February? Ah, well, because I just realized that when a student asked about Spanish sauces, [...]

Fall Veggies and Winter Romesco2017-09-09T15:33:56-06:00

A Little Cheesey

"We should learn to make cheese,"  he said. "Huh?"  I responded. "Cheese.  We should learn how to make it at home," he replied. Poor guy had no idea what he'd just gotten himself into. At first we tried our hand at a couple of simple cheeses made with rennet (the coagulant that's used in [...]

A Little Cheesey2017-02-08T05:10:23-07:00

The Rain in Spain….

I tend to be a fair-weather.... everything. I like my soccer teams to be winners, I like my food and wine to be great, and I want the sun to shine. Is that so much to ask?  Don't answer that. This spring in Dénia has been super cloudy and cool. And since I'm from a [...]

The Rain in Spain….2017-02-08T05:11:19-07:00

Spanish Gold — Smoked Paprika

As Emeril used to say, I wish I had smell-a-blog.  (Well, OK, he said smell-a-vision).  My kitchen in Spain has a heady fragrance of wood fire and smoke.   That's because we're the lucky recipients of 3 kilos  of the magical spice that gives so many Spanish  recipes a distinctive flavor -- Pimentón -- Smoked [...]

Spanish Gold — Smoked Paprika2017-02-08T05:09:29-07:00

Sweet Spanish Serendipity

So... we landed on Saturday night, after a day of many MANY flight delays (on an airline who shall remain nameless -- but is on the "never-again-if-I-can-help-it" list).  We drove to Dénia, stepped out of the car, and walked smack into a friend who was sitting at the outdoor bar beneath our apartment.  He had [...]

Sweet Spanish Serendipity2017-01-23T17:14:50-07:00

Playing in the Ashes – Calcots!

Spain is like a big ol' onion that has layers and layers of fun stuff to uncover.  We found out last weekend that one of those layers is very literal -- an onion festival.  Nope, not kidding.  In the northeast of Spain,  in and around Tarragona (near Barcelona), during February and March they have a [...]

Playing in the Ashes – Calcots!2017-01-23T17:17:25-07:00

Tipsy Toro – Sharing Spain with Friends

You know how some women get all excited for Black Friday shopping?  My version of that is preparing for our annual Tipsy Toro Fiesta. A few years ago we decided to introduce our friends to the food and wine of Spain.  So we bent the rules, and set the party time at 2pm, so they [...]

Tipsy Toro – Sharing Spain with Friends2017-01-23T17:25:16-07:00

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!

If I were a wine snob I'd try to impress you that "I know people."  But since I'm not -- and I think wine is something you should enjoy because you like it, and because it goes great with food, instead I'll tell you the truth: (with your best teenage voice)  Ohmahgawd!  Guess what I [...]

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!2017-06-08T17:47:46-06:00