The Real McCoy – Gypsy Flamenco

My feet had barely hit the ground in Jerez de la Frontera when we started seeing posters and hearing people talk about the benefit concert that would be held that night for La Chiqui -- a well known Flamenco dancer who needs to travel to the U.S. for treatment of an illness that I [...]

The Real McCoy – Gypsy Flamenco2017-01-24T13:42:40-07:00

Pasión Flamenco

I return again to the subject of having a passion.  What is yours?  What makes your adrenaline flow?  What causes the words to flow or even gush out of your mouth when talking about your passion?  Well, mine is easy....Spain, the Spanish culture, its people.  And I can get this all wrapped up in one [...]

Pasión Flamenco2017-06-08T17:51:52-06:00