Parteeeeee!!!! Summer in Spain

A few years ago, one of my (many) Spanish teachers got all offended because in my final exam -- which was a little speech in Spanish in front of the class -- I said I read that Spain had more festivals than any other country in the world.  She didn't like that one little bit. [...]

Parteeeeee!!!! Summer in Spain2017-01-24T13:28:13-07:00

Burn it Down! – Las Fallas de Valencia

It never ceases to amaze me how many incredible things there are in Spain that we  Americans don't know anything about.  Las Fallas is definitely in that category. In March of every year, in Comunidad Valenciana (the "state" of Valencia) on the Mediterranean coast, giant statues, anywhere from 5 to 50 feet tall and [...]

Burn it Down! – Las Fallas de Valencia2017-06-15T16:23:47-06:00

Playing With Fire – Spanish Festivals

We keep thinking how great it would be to have a festival calendar on Savor Spain that provides accurate dates and information about all the festivals in Spain.  Then you come across something like the Correfoc (Catalan for "running with fire") parade below, and even the people who live right next door have no idea [...]

Playing With Fire – Spanish Festivals2017-01-24T14:02:17-07:00