Foodies in Paradise

I started an email to a friend a few days ago, and when I saw the list of things we'd been lucky enough to do in Spain, in just 3 weeks, I realized how far behind I am in sharing stories and pictures.  So today, just to catch up, here's a quick recap with some [...]

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Octopus Eve

I grew up in a Texas town of about 3,000 people. As you can imagine, my culinary base was built on biscuits, gravy, and steak. The most exotic thing I ate growing up was Patio Frozen Enchiladas.  No joke. Our town was so small that I didn't eat in a restaurant until I was around [...]

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Swimming Naked in Spain – and Ham Sandwiches

If you think for one minute I'm going to show you pictures of naked people on the beach -- you'd be right. But don't call the porn police just yet -- we're talking European I-don't-give-a-damn-what-you-think, not American prudence.  ;-) I was invited with friends to "take a walk to the beach."  I didn't know what [...]

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A Little Cheesey

"We should learn to make cheese,"  he said. "Huh?"  I responded. "Cheese.  We should learn how to make it at home," he replied. Poor guy had no idea what he'd just gotten himself into. At first we tried our hand at a couple of simple cheeses made with rennet (the coagulant that's used in [...]

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Parteeeeee!!!! Summer in Spain

A few years ago, one of my (many) Spanish teachers got all offended because in my final exam -- which was a little speech in Spanish in front of the class -- I said I read that Spain had more festivals than any other country in the world.  She didn't like that one little bit. [...]

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Spanish Serendipity

Sometimes things just fall in your lap and you have NO idea where they came from.  But mine is not to question why... Remember the Calcotada I told you about?  Where you eat giant onions dipped in pepper and almond sauce (Romesco)?  Well, a few weeks ago in Dénia, we were walking along an area [...]

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Playing in the Ashes – Calcots!

Spain is like a big ol' onion that has layers and layers of fun stuff to uncover.  We found out last weekend that one of those layers is very literal -- an onion festival.  Nope, not kidding.  In the northeast of Spain,  in and around Tarragona (near Barcelona), during February and March they have a [...]

Playing in the Ashes – Calcots!2017-01-23T17:17:25-07:00

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!

If I were a wine snob I'd try to impress you that "I know people."  But since I'm not -- and I think wine is something you should enjoy because you like it, and because it goes great with food, instead I'll tell you the truth: (with your best teenage voice)  Ohmahgawd!  Guess what I [...]

I Know People — Who Know Food & Wine!2017-06-08T17:47:46-06:00

What’s That In My Chocolate?

Photo from Always Hungry NY So, I'm on a little vacation across the way in Italy, and we go out to dinner the first night there.  I'm thinking this is the hotel receptionists' cousin or brother or something and that the food will be mediocre at best.  Not. The place is a family [...]

What’s That In My Chocolate?2017-01-23T17:27:48-07:00

The Real McCoy – Gypsy Flamenco

My feet had barely hit the ground in Jerez de la Frontera when we started seeing posters and hearing people talk about the benefit concert that would be held that night for La Chiqui -- a well known Flamenco dancer who needs to travel to the U.S. for treatment of an illness that I [...]

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