Connecting with Catalunya

A "Madrileño" (Madrid) friend stared at me intently. "Seriously, Denise? I can NOT believe that you can be a fan of the Barcelona soccer team. If you knew their fans, those Catalans, you would change your mind in a heartbeat." And there it was -- the raw truth of why we're all a bit testy these [...]

Connecting with Catalunya2017-10-20T08:40:50-06:00

The Spanish Rules of Eating

We went out to breakfast, like most days when we're in Spain. Well, almost.  Unlike most days, our friend, Irene, and her 4-yr old son, Leo were here.  So the priorities got rearranged just a little.  Instead of considering where we could get the best coffee and food, the first consideration was how good the [...]

The Spanish Rules of Eating2017-10-02T06:43:15-06:00

Play Like a Grown-up Part 3

Swine 'n Dine.  That's what we called our cooking club. There were 4 couples, and at least one person in each couple loved to cook, so we had some pretty spectacular meals. I still remember the shark empanadas that our Venezuelan friend, Oscar prepared. Swine 'n Dine faded away for various reasons, but we've missed [...]

Play Like a Grown-up Part 32017-07-20T19:16:43-06:00

Play Like a Grown-up Part 2

"Hey, let's spend an entire year designing, creating, and building a cool monument, put it up for 4 days, and then -- burn it down!" Sounds crazy, no? But that's what they do for the Las Fallas festival in the region of Valencia, Spain. The interesting part, though, is not so much about the monuments (yes, [...]

Play Like a Grown-up Part 22017-07-18T17:37:59-06:00

Play Like a Grown-up Part 1

All summer long, in our neighborhood, we played Cowboys and Indians. I was the horse. It was OK with me. I happen to like horses. Besides, I was the only one old enough and strong enough to pull the wagon, or give horseback rides. The downside for the other kids was that they had [...]

Play Like a Grown-up Part 12017-04-19T13:55:05-06:00

We’re Here… When We’re Here

There's a new wine shop about 30 steps from the apartment where we stay in Dénia.  In the window is an attractive little plaque: Abrimos cuando llegamos, ceramos cuando nos vamos y si vienes y no estamos es que no coincidimos. I stopped in my tracks and laughed out loud, with people walking past [...]

We’re Here… When We’re Here2017-01-23T18:19:11-07:00

What did the Spaniard say to the Politician?

Politics is a subject that can get any Spaniard fired up.  So when the conversation starts to lull all you have to say is  "Boy, there sure are a lot of campaign activies since I got here."  And you're off to the races.  Even the quietest person in the room will soon be right in [...]

What did the Spaniard say to the Politician?2011-05-20T07:07:35-06:00

The Dirty Job of Working in Spain

Lest you think that all we're doing here is eating like pigs and becoming serious wine-o-holics, I thought it was about time to talk a little bit about work. When I first tell people that I spend several months a year in Spain, of course they assume that means vacation.  Sitting on the beach, sipping [...]

The Dirty Job of Working in Spain2011-05-05T06:40:42-06:00

Secrets of a Spanish Winemaker

Two Spaniards are hired to drive the winery wagon 25 miles into town to deliver 3 huge barrels of wine to the market.  How much wine arrives at the market? Check out the video below and hear how Rafa's great-grandfather solved that little puzzle.  Then scoot over to Facebook with the link below and "Like" [...]

Secrets of a Spanish Winemaker2017-01-24T13:59:06-07:00

Now THAT’S Happy Hour!

OK, picture this.  You get up at oh-dark-thirty, jump in the shower, get dressed, get in the car, and stop by your favorite coffee shop on the way to work.  You work hard all day, and a good friend texts you:  "Happy Hour?  Same time, same place?"  Yes!  Now you have something to look [...]

Now THAT’S Happy Hour!2017-01-23T18:36:45-07:00