In Spain they have a saying  “Tienes las ventanas abiertas!”  “You have the windows open” — which means that you are open-minded.  Well, I used to have the windows to the wine cellar slammed shut.  I was a one wine girl.  Red, dry, full-bodied  (the wine, the wine!).  That was a loooonnnnngggg time ago.  Two weeks, to be exact.   I got this wild hair that if I really wanted to understand Spanish wines to go with fabulous Spanish foods, I should get an education.  I didn’t even know how to hold my wine glass “right.”  But don’t worry, we’re not gonna worry about what’s right or wrong.  This is not a wine and food snooty site. And here’s your first Spanish lesson.  A snob is “pija” or “pijo”  (prounounced pee-ha or pee-ho — the a ending is for girls and the o ending is for boys).  No pijos allowed!

It’s truly amazing how fast I’ve changed my mind about wine.  Just 3 classes down the road I look at wine completely differently.  I used to shun Riesling, a German type of white wine that I always thought was way too sweet for me.  Now I know that it goes pretty darn well with buffalo wings.  I never eat wings, but a chef friend needed some comfort food, so it was our job to figure out what kind of wine we could get away with.  But instead of sneaking the wine in, it actually went great with the wings.  This is scary.  I don’t need any excuses to eat and drink more.

Now I want to go wine shopping every chance I get. I want to invite friends over just so I can pair up some cool new wine with the food I’m cooking.  And as I learn more about how to pair food and wine I’ll share pairings and recipes — and hopefully you’ll chime in.  What pairings have you discovered, that totally surprised you?