About — the Magic of Spanish Sunday

Denise and Tio the Toro

It’s all Spain’s fault.

I had given up on learning Spanish.  I never got to practice, and I wasn’t getting any better.  Then one day a co-worker stuck her head in my office and said “Hey, my daughter is studying in Spain and she met this kid that wants to come visit for a couple of months. . .”  And that’s how I finally learned Spanish.

But that was just the beginning.

Of course we had to go visit Spain. I fell head over heels. Since that summer in 1998 we’ve spent several months each year in the land of rice, seafood, wine, and a culture that thumbs its nose at cram-down-a-hamburger lunches.

That was when I first experienced Spanish Sunday.

Not long after we started visiting Spain we were invited to Sunday lunch. It turned out to be a whole lot more than I bargained for.  Lunch was a big meal, served at 2pm. But it wasn’t just about the food. Friends and family spent all afternoon in lively discussion, laughter, friendly arguments, and sometimes even a song or two. I wanted more of this. And I wanted to share it with my friends and family back home.

It was kinda like a snowball rolling downhill….

I learned everything I could about Spanish food and wine. Then we went to wine snob school, then cheesemaking school, then sausage-making school. And I even learned to draw cartoons, so I could do something fun with this site.  I was (am) completely obsessed with helping people get connected — with their food, and with each other.

Nope, I’m not a professional chef.

But I am a pretty good cook. I started at the age of 2, “helping” my Mom make cookies. Then I learned even more from my Granny, including an appreciation of farm fresh ingredients.

So… cut to the chase, already!

OK, ok — keep your apron on.  The reasons I’m here, are:

1. To help you experience the life you really want — with more time for good food and great people; and
2. Provide you with a community of other people who want the same things you want, so we can all live a teensy little bit more Spanish.

In other words I want to help you create a more connected life, using great food as the catalyst.

What’s next? Check out our classes and our cooking club.

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P.S. If you, or friends and family, are from other cultures that have wonderful traditions for bringing people together, please share! I’ll write about Spain from my perspective, as a lucky visitor, but I know that lots of other countries have special traditions too, that are very much worth learning about.  You may send your stories to me directly, at Denise [at] SpanishSunday.com, or join us in the Cooking Club.