OK, so that’s my way of saying “oops… sorry!”  When we returned to the U.S. from Spain, things started moving at a rapid clip.  The requests kept coming in for classes with Rosario (yes, really, I’m not making this stuff up), and we’ve hosted lots of wonderful people from all over the world.  Well, technically Rosario and Lorenzo hosted them, because I was just back here behind the computer, making the arrangements.  It’s KIILLIN’ me, not to be in Dénia right beside Rosario in the kitchen, and sipping wine alongside Lorenzo.  But we´ll get to that.

So I just wanted to drop by and say hello after a long absence.  Look for new recipes, more stories, and wine tips, and I´ll try not to drop out of sight again.  I guess having lots of work to plan classes in Spain is not such a bad excuse, no?