Chelo’s Spinach Nests – Nidos de Espinacas

Chelo doesn't cook real often, but when she does, you better be there.  One of my favorites is her "Nidos de Espinacas."  I beg her to make it for me every time I'm there.  This time she said "OK, but you're never gonna learn unless you do it yourself -- so I'll direct and you'll [...]

Chelo’s Spinach Nests – Nidos de Espinacas2017-01-24T13:29:24-07:00

Summer Sangria!

Rosario, our incredible chef instructor for Tipsy Toro classes in Spain, just sent us her personal recipe for Sangria.  I'm sharing it with you before I've even had a chance to try it myself.  Check it out! ROSARIO'S SANGRIA Mix to your own taste: Red wine (if you wouldn't drink it straight, don't put it [...]

Summer Sangria!2017-01-23T17:01:34-07:00