Familiar in the Middle of Foreign

I'm a country kid.  Grew up in the middle of godforsaken nowhere, in Texas.  Only one person  in my extended family -- my Uncle Teddy -- had gone to college, or traveled outside the country.  I come from a long line of (very wonderful) "hicks." That means that every time I come to Spain it [...]

Familiar in the Middle of Foreign2011-09-20T06:19:13-06:00

The Real McCoy – Gypsy Flamenco

My feet had barely hit the ground in Jerez de la Frontera when we started seeing posters and hearing people talk about the benefit concert that would be held that night for La Chiqui -- a well known Flamenco dancer who needs to travel to the U.S. for treatment of an illness that I [...]

The Real McCoy – Gypsy Flamenco2017-01-24T13:42:40-07:00

Learning Russian

Have you ever been with someone who had absolutely no sense of appropriateness?  They'll ask for anything, while you're trying to hide behind the nearest tree?  Well, that's my new friend Merche.  Thank goodness. Merche picked me and Salli up, with the plan of driving us over to see Cadiz.  We piled in the car [...]

Learning Russian2017-01-24T13:25:15-07:00

French Onion Soup – Thermomix Spanish Style – Part 2

Here's the finishing touches to make a wonderful French Onion Soup, Spanish Style - in the Thermomix.  Teresa is an incredible cook and this is a great example of the usefulness of the Thermomix.  This soup is something she threw together on the spur of the moment, with ingredients she happened to have on hand.  [...]

French Onion Soup – Thermomix Spanish Style – Part 22017-01-24T13:52:48-07:00