What did the Spaniard say to the Politician?

Politics is a subject that can get any Spaniard fired up.  So when the conversation starts to lull all you have to say is  "Boy, there sure are a lot of campaign activies since I got here."  And you're off to the races.  Even the quietest person in the room will soon be right in [...]

What did the Spaniard say to the Politician?2011-05-20T07:07:35-06:00

Uninvited Dinner Guests

When do uninvited dinner guests turn out to be the highlight of the day?  When they're short, cute, and Spanish. We took a stroll through one of our favorite parts of Dénia a couple of days ago  -- the oldest area, where some of the streets are so narrow, it's impossible for a car to [...]

Uninvited Dinner Guests2017-01-23T17:01:17-07:00

The Dirty Job of Working in Spain

Lest you think that all we're doing here is eating like pigs and becoming serious wine-o-holics, I thought it was about time to talk a little bit about work. When I first tell people that I spend several months a year in Spain, of course they assume that means vacation.  Sitting on the beach, sipping [...]

The Dirty Job of Working in Spain2011-05-05T06:40:42-06:00

Lunch with Yaya — Arroz al Horno (Baked Rice)

If you're ever lucky enough to get invited to lunch at Grandma's house (called "Yaya" in Spain)  jump all over it.  Here's one of the videos of lunch with Yaya.  No fear of cameras here.  This woman can cook!  (And guess who is one of our instructors for the cooking classes here in Spain at [...]

Lunch with Yaya — Arroz al Horno (Baked Rice)2017-01-24T13:57:29-07:00