How to Survive 6 Days of Feasting With Spaniards

Make that 7 days.  Since I started writing this yesterday, there has been even more incredible food, and we were invited to yet another huge lunch today.  I never, ever, EVER thought I'd say this, but PLEASE, No More Food!  (Well, OK, at least for 1 day.) Since we landed in Spain on Tuesday evening, [...]

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How to Travel Like a Rich Girl

Every time someone hears what I do for a living, you can just watch the mental gymnastics: [Trying to be subtle, looking me up and down.]  Thinking:  "Wow, she doesn't look like a rich girl." [If there are windows nearby, glancing out the window to see what cars are out front.]  Thinking:  "Crap. I didn't [...]

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Secrets of a Spanish Winemaker

Two Spaniards are hired to drive the winery wagon 25 miles into town to deliver 3 huge barrels of wine to the market.  How much wine arrives at the market? Check out the video below and hear how Rafa's great-grandfather solved that little puzzle.  Then scoot over to Facebook with the link below and "Like" [...]

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