3 Reasons You Should Try Tempranillo

When you first start learning about wine, it can be pretty daunting.  All those hard-to-pronounce names, snooty wine descriptions like "hints of leather and tobacco" and prices that can make you run for the beer aisle. But Spain has a user-friendly solution for you.  Tempranillo  (temp - rah - NEE - yo).  Quick background lesson [...]

3 Reasons You Should Try Tempranillo2017-01-23T17:02:26-07:00

Not Your Mama’s Carrots — Sevillan Marinated Carrots

Carrots aren't exactly one of those menu items that gets me excited.  Raw carrots right out of the garden?  Crisp and sweet and really nice? Now that, I like.  But cook up a carrot, no matter how perfectly you do it, and I'm usually not interested.  Well, that is until I found these gems.  I [...]

Not Your Mama’s Carrots — Sevillan Marinated Carrots2017-01-23T17:00:54-07:00

Here, Bullie, Bullie, Bullie – Bullfighting Without Swords

Spain's traditional sport of bullfighting is very controversial, even in Spain.  Last year The region of Cataluña (upper north where Barcelona is) voted to ban bullfighting. Although there´s a part of me that really wants to experience this part of the culture, I have never had the guts to go to a live bullfight.  I´m [...]

Here, Bullie, Bullie, Bullie – Bullfighting Without Swords2017-06-08T17:47:39-06:00

Anti-Wine Snob — Spanish Wines

Let's be honest.  Lots of us in the U.S. are either intimidated by, or put off by, wine snobs.  It's OK, they won't be reading this blog, so we can talk among ourselves.  The first time I tasted wine, I was 16 and on my first prom date.  My boyfriend's parents made a really nice [...]

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Playing With Fire – Spanish Festivals

We keep thinking how great it would be to have a festival calendar on Savor Spain that provides accurate dates and information about all the festivals in Spain.  Then you come across something like the Correfoc (Catalan for "running with fire") parade below, and even the people who live right next door have no idea [...]

Playing With Fire – Spanish Festivals2017-01-24T14:02:17-07:00

Travel Hacker – All’s Well That Ends Well. Sorta

I wouldn't continue this saga, and bore you with this tale -- except that I learned yet another very valuable lesson about travel hacking.  So I thought I'd share. After calling U.S. Air multiple times to try and find a return flight from Spain, using my purchased frequent flyer miles, I got lucky and was [...]

Travel Hacker – All’s Well That Ends Well. Sorta2017-01-23T17:33:50-07:00