Confessions of a Travel Hacking Newbie (Ouch)

Among people who travel and are involved in online business, Chris Guillebeau is well known for both his travel expertise and his business savvy.  So when he started The Travel Hacker's Cartel (THC)  just a few weeks ago, I couldn't throw money at him fast enough.  As the price of plane tickets continues to get [...]

Confessions of a Travel Hacking Newbie (Ouch)2017-01-23T17:02:44-07:00

Patatas Bravas To Die For!

Here's a little peek at what it's like to live like a Spaniard.  Come along and visit my favorite neighborhood tapas bar - Bar Tomas.  But don't tell anybody, dammmit!  It's become famous in the past 2 years and the portions of the world's best Patatas Bravas (brave potatoes) shrunk a little as a result [...]

Patatas Bravas To Die For!2017-01-24T14:04:07-07:00

Stealing Away to The Kasbah

Take off your shoes, snuggle up on soft cushions, sit back and relax.  Strains of Ishtar set the mood and in minutes I'm taking a mental stroll through Marrakech -- even though I haven't (yet) been there.  Wine is available, but I can't resist the more exotic blends of  fruit juices with a grown-up kick.  [...]

Stealing Away to The Kasbah2017-01-23T17:34:51-07:00

The Queen of Kitchen Gadgets – Thermomix!

I'm a kitchen stuff  junkie.  It has nothing to do with believing that kitchen gadgets will improve my cooking. (hmmm... maybe that's a subconscious message... )  Anyway, I just love kitchen stuff of all kinds.  When our kids were growing up, the standard holiday or gift question was "Mom, what do you want for [...]

The Queen of Kitchen Gadgets – Thermomix!2017-06-08T17:47:24-06:00