Fiestas and Bridges – Extra Long Weekends

I read somewhere that Spain has more festivals than any other country in the world.  But when I translated that into Spanish for part of my final test in Spanish class, it didn't go over too well with my university instructor.  "What??? Where in the world did you get THAT idea?  That's not true - [...]

Fiestas and Bridges – Extra Long Weekends2017-01-24T13:20:34-07:00

Live Like a Spaniard

It is now, by my not-very-official laptop clock, 11:59.... no wait, 12:00 a.m. (that would be in the morning)  in beautiful, delicious, amazing, Dénia, Spain.  And I just got back from dinner.  No, I'm not kidding. And why should you care?  That is the question. Chris Guillebeau, poses in his brand spanking new book, [...]

Live Like a Spaniard2017-01-23T18:43:07-07:00