Tapas, Wine, and a Side of Spanish Lessons

Just 12 days and counting til I'm off to Spain, and I find myself -- yet again -- making a last minute decision to try and improve my Spanish before I'm smack in the middle of it again.  What in the name of Pete am I doing?  I fiddle away my spare time  (Ok, what [...]

Tapas, Wine, and a Side of Spanish Lessons2010-09-09T22:44:21-06:00

¡Vamos a la playa! Barcelona beaches!

While visiting the spectacular city of Barcelona, it is a must to spend some time on the beach.  It is a great place to get off the tourist track and relax and get some sun.  Plus, this beach is a “10”  for people watching! It is so easy to get to the beach in [...]

¡Vamos a la playa! Barcelona beaches!2017-01-24T13:18:37-07:00