A Sucker for a Pretty Face….

I'm not someone who buys wine for the label.  Well, at least not usually.  But yesterday we were in our new favorite wine store, Total Beverage, and as we're perusing their selection of Spanish wine we see this handsome face.  Antonio the Bull.  I immediately fell for the sexy tilt of his horns and the [...]

A Sucker for a Pretty Face….2017-01-24T13:14:02-07:00

El Rastro – Sunday in Madrid

If you are lucky enough to be in Madrid on a Sunday, I suggest getting up a little early, and head to the oldest open market in Madrid, known as the Rastro. The Rastro is located in the oldest part of Madrid, Madrid Antiguo.  It is an outdoor flea market that begins at the Plaza [...]

El Rastro – Sunday in Madrid2017-06-08T17:49:18-06:00

Woo Hoooooo! Certified Wine Geek!

After a grueling 12 hours of drinking excellent wine, eating great food, and cramming two weeks worth of learning into one long weekend, my spousal unit and I completed Wine Bootcamp at the International Wine Guild.  We tasted 28 wines and I was beginning to think I'd never want to see a wine glass again.  [...]

Woo Hoooooo! Certified Wine Geek!2010-03-02T20:46:33-07:00